Experiencing Acupuncture, Singing Dragon, 2020Experiencing Acupuncture
Singing Dragon, 2020

"Unique and thought-provoking. If you're a practitioner of any acupuncture style (or indeed of any therapy of either body or mind) I defy you to read this book and not grow therapeutically from doing so. John's patient-stories (beautifully told and brimming with authenticity) offer us something truly special."
Merlin Young, acu-moxa practitioner/author/activist

"I found these stories intriguing. They were helpful to me as a patient because they illustrated how acupuncture works. Not so much by an explanation of mechanisms, but through revealing how possibilities for health and transformation can emerge from attentive and committed collaboration between practitioner and patient."
Kathy Doncaster, acupuncture patient



The Spirit of the Organs - Singing Dragon, 2018The Spirit of the Organs
Singing Dragon, 2018

"This book is a lighthearted yet profound introduction to the heart of the Chinese medicine tradition."
Embody Magazine, Winter 2017

"This unique book explores the ineffable essence of the spirits through an amazing and varied set of stories which stimulate the reader to a deeper understanding of this aspect of the heritage of Chinese medicine. As always, John Hamwee writes with fluidity and skill making the book a joy to read."
Alison Gould, BA, Msc, MBAcC, Acupuncturist



Energy Medicine coverEnergy Medicine
Vermillion,  Random House, 2002

"In the area of holistic medicine and therapies there is a forest of books which will tell you why a particular therapy is the best. In this work, an experienced acupuncturist and Zero Balancer gives a clear account of the underpinnings of energy medicine... This book was an enlightening and easy read. Mr. Hamwee explains quite unusual and often ephemeral concepts in a clear and practical manner. Be prepared for a boost of energy from his writing. It will be a motivation toward balance and wellness. This is a highly recommended book."
Jennifer Hoskins, New Dawn Magazine



ZB book coverZero Balancing, touching the energy of bone
Singing Dragon, 2014

"John Hamwee has created something of great value with this book; he has made the concepts behind the therapy of Zero Balancing (ZB) easily accessible.  This book is eminently readable...the writing is superbly elegant and concise and the brightness of his humour carries one along with ease." Richard Beaumont (Editor) Kindred Spirit, Issue 50, Spring 2000



AcupunctureAcupuncture for New Practitioners
Singing Dragon, 2012

"It would never occur to me to reach for a book like this. And yet, I can easily say that Acupuncture for New Practitioners by John Hamwee has had the most positive impact on how I practise since I qualified, and that these results have been immediate...Aimed primarily at the recently qualified, this book is recommended for any acupuncturist needing a bit of advice or inspiration."
European Journal of Oriental Medicine. Vol 7. No.2. 2012.

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Intuitive Acupuncture
Singing Dragon, 2015

"A John Hamwee book always has something of the gentle, discursive quality of a conversation with your favourite geography teacher, but don’t let that fool you. This is gripping, page-turning, edge-of-your-seat stuff, and I was totally riveted...I am enduringly grateful to John Hamwee for helping me to trust my intuition. Read this book."
Karen Charlesworth, Acu, Autumn 2015, p 14.

Order in the UK direct from the publisher and in the USA direct from the publisher.



Love's Energy coverLove's Energy
Frances Lincoln, 2001

"John Hamwee does a great service in furthering the search into romantic love - that divine demonic flood of energy which is our constant companion."
Robert A, Johnson, author of The Psychology of Romantic Love; She, Understanding Feminine Psychology; and many other books.